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 There is a vast scope of providing Camping, Rock Climbing and Survival Training Programs and awareness towards nature & different cultures, to the students through their respective institutions. Our team of professional Rock Climbers from the Indian Mountaineering Federation (I.M.F) and the experienced trekkers arrange summer/educational camps for the students at different locations. The camps are organized in outside locations during summer vacations and/or any other holidays. We also arrange lectures and demonstrative activities within the school premises during the week days & Sundays to educate the students about the basics of Camping, Rock Climbing & Survival Techniques. These programs bring children in close contact with nature and enhance their vision towards other cultures & societies. The survival techniques including practical knowledge & experience of adaptation to different environments & situations and teamwork with other students to complete different tasks, are recommended & approved by many reputed educational institutions like the Delhi Public School, Sri Ram School, Neo Convent School etc. However, there are many other schools that are unaware of these programs and their promoters. Therefore, our aim is to promote our programs in such schools and generate better understanding of nature and its importance amongst the children through our programmes & camps. All our activities are monitored & performed under the supervision of the professional experts as mentioned above.

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